The choice social distance screens: Is it time to consider a permanent solution

Access Displays
Access Displays

We’ve all seen the rush to put up protective screens in our shops since the lockdown. These are normally accompanied by a one-way system and stickers highlighting the issues. In fact their has been such a rush that there is now a shortage of the acrylic plastic used in their manufacture.

These screens do the job but can look a little – well temporary.

Premium-acrylic retail screen from Access Displays
Premium-acrylic retail screen from Access Displays

A range of these products can be found here –


However should we not consider a more permanent solution, properly designed and using more attractive materials? We spoke to Peter Bowen, CEO of Access Displays…

“Initially it was the larger supermarkets that wanted us to provide social distancing screens, hand sanitizers and floor graphics but over the last few months businesses of every type and size have realised that this important equipment will actually speed up their recovery process by getting their businesses back to somewhere normal.

Many organisations within the hospitality sector are looking for more permanent fixtures in some areas of their properties so that they look and feel like they have always been part of the infrastructure. While other areas might need temporary or movable solutions because that room or area has multiple functions though out the day. It’s important that customer feel safe but at the same time we don’t want them to feel intimidated. That’s why we are offering a free consultation so we can design a solution that is sympathetic to the quest, whilst blending into the surroundings. We have a range of social distancing and hygiene solutions that people can purchase online but we encourage those with more challenging requirements to get in touch so that one of our consultants can visit their premises to get a real understanding of their requirements. As a company with over 30 years’ design and build experience we have national coverage and work with some of the country’s leading brands.”


For more information and enquire about a bespoke solution please see


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