The SO CHILLI! Mini Fridge: Stylish, Compact, and Customisable

Customise your space with the sleek and stylish SO CHILLI! Mini Fridge, is the must-have accessory for any room! Designed for both style and functionality, this compact fridge keeps drinks and snacks perfectly chilled whether you're at home or on the go.

The SO CHILLI! Mini Fridge has an elegant door handle that opens and locks in a swift and easy movement. With a vision window on the front, it allows quick viewing to see if your favourite drinks or snacks and stocked. Inside, its space-saving design includes a removable shelf that allows larger items to be placed. The space-saving design also includes a door pocket and USB power cable for versatile use in both the home and even on a long car journey.


Its compact size makes it ideal for keeping your essentials close at hand while being visually appealing. With a range of cool and colourful stickers included it allows you to customise your mini fridge to reflect your unique style and personality.

Whether you’re a gamer, influencer, beauty enthusiast, student, or simply someone who values convenience, the SO CHILLI! Mini Fridge is a must-have addition to your space. Store drinks, snacks, beauty products, and more.


The SO CHILLI! Mini Fridge is part of Canal Toys’ Creator range, alongside the Photo Creator Instant Camera and the Video Creator, it has quickly become a favourite among young creators, showcasing Canal Toys’ innovation in the retail industry.

Product Description: The So Chill Mini Fridge! With the sleek moving handle, vision window, removable shelf, door pocket, and USB power cable, this mini fridge is perfect for keeping drinks chilled, whether you’re at home or on the go! Ideal for gamers, influencers, beauty enthusiasts, students, and anyone who wants to keep their essentials close at hand and perfectly chilled. This mini fridge is a must-have!

Plus, get creative with the fun, trendy stickers provided, you can make the fridge your own, reflecting your unique style & personality!

Contents: 1 Fridge (4L), 1 USB Power cable, 50+ Stickers for customisation.

Target Audience: 12+ years old

RRP: £39.99

Colours: Teal, Black

Retailers: Amazon, Very & Smyths.  


Explore further details about the So Chill right here.


As one of the leading manufacturers in creative play with products across Arts & Crafts and Youth Electronic categories, Canal Toys inspires children to unleash their creativity and imagination through innovative activity toys designed to make something truly unique.


Discover more about Canal Toys and explore their exciting range of products by visiting their website.


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