Tip Top Linen – Imran Hussain Interview

tip top linen

Tip Top Linen – Imran Hussain Interview


Established in 1988 Tip Top Linen Services Ltd has a track record second to none in meeting the needs of the hospitality industry.  With over two decades of providing linen of high quality to the hotel and catering industry, meeting the needs of these businesses with particular taste and requirements they have learned that attention to detail is everything, from timely deliveries to ease of ordering.  Imran Hussain tells us more about this family run business.


Tell us a bit about the history of Tip Top Linen.

 Tip Top Linen Services Ltd started from humble backgrounds in 1988. From the very beginning our values have always been to meet our customer needs and demands to the highest level without compromising on price. Our customer profile has largely increased through word of mouth which we believe is a reflection on the product and service we supply. Some of our relationship with our customers relates back to the very beginning which is a true testament to the longevity of customer service.

 Moving with the times and demands, we have expanded our plant with some of the latest machinery to ensure high levels of work and faster productivity to meet the increasing demands of the trade.   We always invite all customers to visit our plant, so they can experience first-hand the high levels of productivity and attention to detail. 

 As a family run business we believe that customers should feel comfortable to approach us at any time. This is why we provide them with our personal mobile numbers. 


With so many suppliers for our readers to choose from, how do you stand out from your competitors?

Mainly it’s about hospitality, care, attention to customer’s needs, and overall customer service.

We believe that quality service and consistency are the key factors that have helped us remain in this industry. Some of the service we provide which stands out from our competitors is that we are open through all national holidays including Bank Holidays and the Christmas and New Year period. 

We have large stock so that we can provide customers on demand service. Customer care is of paramount importance from the very first order to timely deliveries.


Linen is noted as the fabric of luxury but what are the benefits of choosing linen over other textiles?

Whether you are dining at a restaurant or staying overnight at a hotel, bed & breakfast or an inn your first point of contact will be with some form of linen. Using table cloths and napkins over tissue paper can completely change the dining experience from an ordinary dinner to a memorable meal. This also helps reduce paper waste. In a hotel setting the customer’s main point of good service, is if the linen is fresh and clean and this includes the use of towels in various sizes. By adding these luxury products to a setting, can add great value to the service and returning customers. 

What is your policy regarding fair trading?

We believe in working with companies who echo our thoughts on sourcing products ethically. Our notable suppliers are active members of the Ethical Trading Initiative. They carry out regular checks using the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), SA8000 accreditation and other accredited social audits.  This gives us a piece of mind that our principles are not compromised.  




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