Working in leisure could RUIN your relationship!


REVEALED: Working in leisure could RUIN your relationship!

Work is a part of everyday life, but there is a common concern that it can have tremendous effects on relationships.

So, in a bid to discover which sectors have the biggest emotional effects on personal relationships, surveyed 1,124 participants to determine just how many people would consider quitting their job to save a relationship.

Survey Highlights

The top 5 sectors that have a NEGATIVE effect on workers relationships:

  1. Leisure (50%)
  2. Retail (40%)
  3. Media (37.5%)
  4. Hospitality (33.3%)
  5. Construction (20%)

Half of respondents working in the Leisure sector claim that their career choice has had a negative effect on relationships – the highest percentage of any other sector analysed.

The top 5 sectors that have a POSITIVE effect on workers relationships:</h4 >

  1. Education (66%)
  2. Finance (57.14%)
  3. Public Sector (40%)
  4. Healthcare (33.3%)
  5. IT (33.3%)

The survey revealed working in Education is best for your relationship, with 66% of respondents believing it’s had a positive effect.

Top 5 effects of work on relationships:

  1. Stress (25%)
  2. Too tired after work (21%)
  3. Brought us closer together (19%)
  4. Prioritising work over partner (13%)
  5. Working away (7%)

25% of participants state that stress from work was the main culprit that bought negative effects upon their relationship.

Interestingly, 2.5% admit that cheating with a colleague was a negative effect that work bought on their personal relationship.

When asked, would you quit your job to save your relationship? Respondents answered:

  1. No (54%)
  2. Yes (46%)

IT workers were found to be the most cold- hearted, with 66.67% saying they wouldn’t quit their job to save their relationship.

Construction was the most romantic sector, with 75% prepared to quit their job to save their relationships.

Construction was also the most likely sector to be single (60%).


Savoy Stewart’s survey was answered by 1,124 respondents: 56% women and 44% men.

The survey comprised questions on gender, age and job sector. Respondents were asked to select their relationship status from these choices: Married, Engaged, In a Relationship, Complicated, Single. Then asked how work has affected relationships, in what way, whether they would quit their job to ‘save’ their relationship and if they would ask their partner to do the same.

All results were collated and analysed to provide the final figures.

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