Mitre’s Expert Guide To Choosing The Best Filling For Your Duvets And Pillows 

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Mitre’s Expert Guide To Choosing The Best Filling For Your Duvets And Pillows


With so many fillings and togs options available today, selecting the right duvets and pillows for your guests can be bewildering.


To help B&B owners, Mitre Linen, the trusted bed and breakfast provider, has created a quick reference guide that decrypts the composition of each individual pillow and duvet filling.


We have compiled some of their useful tips to help you choose the most suitable pillows and duvets and ensure your guests get a perfect night’s sleep.


Natural Fill 

Natural fill is feather, down or a combination of both. Down is the fluffy insulation under the feathers that keeps ducks and geese warm and protected from outdoor elements. Natural fills are best for conforming to the head, neck and body.



An excellent synthetic alternative to feather and down, Microfibre is a supremely soft fibre that drapes wonderfully around the body and offers rich, soft, comfortable support for guests. A perfect solution if you are looking to offer a synthetic alternative to down. 



Extracted from eucalyptus wood, Tencel naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again. This property guarantees a pleasantly dry sleeping climate. Mitre’s Tencel Luxury duvets are soft to touch with a Tog rating of 10.5. Tencel pillows, which come with a luxurious quilted cover for added comfort, are available as soft or firm.



This is an excellent value, plump fibre filling that offer a firm, lasting support for duvets. Mitre’s Bounceback and Simply Soft duvets both come with a durable hollowfibre filling and offer excellent warmth and comfort. The complementary Super Bounce, Simply Soft and Annabel pillows are all made from hollowfibre.


Siliconised ball

This is a type of synthetic fill in which polyester clusters are coated with silicone to look and feel more like down. It gives the softness and appeal of a true down duvet.  Similar to a microfibre fill, it is great for allergy sufferers who prefer a synthetic fill but want down-like comfort.

Top tips for your pillows

  • Make sure your pillow complies with legal requirements. All Mitre’s pillows are flame retardant.
  • Use a pillow protector to protect your pillows from moisture, dust mites, oil and dirt.
  • Ensure your pillows have dried properly to get rid of any moisture.
  • Check the wash and care labels on your pillows before you wash them.
  • Change your pillows regularly to ensure they keep their plumpness.


Top tips for your duvets

  • For improved hygiene and a longer life, invest in a duvet protector. Try a soft spun polypropylene protector with a zip.
  • For those suffering with asthma and breathing difficulties, consider a duvet with antimicrobial agents or special Estlon fibre to reduce fungal levels.
  • Fluff the duvet up after use and give it a good shake.
  • On average we sweat half a pint a night so regular duvet replacement is recommended.


Need some help to choose the right filling for your establishment? Chat to Mitre’s expert team on 01685 353456.


Established in 1946, Mitre Linen is a proud holder of the Queen’s Royal Warrant. Its products can be spotted around the world as well as in prestigious British hotels such as The Ritz, The Grosvenor House Hotel and The Wellesley.


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