Comedian Al Murray the Pub Landlord helps encourage people to register with DKMS

Comedian Al Murray the Pub Landlord, who has about 11ty trillion Twitter followers, has launched a Twitter campaign to encourage people to register with DKMS and send swabs to see if they may be able to help with blood cancer, with which his nephew has just been diagnosed.

I’ve done it, and I can tweet a pic of the envelope on top of the cover of the interview with him on i – Autumn 2019 LBBt. I’d like to ask if you can send me the best link you can to that article that when clicked takes people to the story on the website itself so I can put it in the tweet. Or at least the best link to the issue. I am worried about me using the wrong one and blowing this chance.
Like many other people who are virtue-signalling their Freepost swab envelopes, I was going to put a pic of mine up with a tweet to the effect that it is the least I can do in return for his amazing hilarious interview, or words to that effect  – and all his followers might want a read.

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