Interview with Lee Marshall Miele Professional


Interview with Lee Marshall Miele Professional

Les Marshall, Sales and Marketing Director at Miele Professional:

When running a luxury bed and breakfast, ensuring the highest quality of cleanliness is of the utmost importance. In hospitality, dirty glasses and crockery can have a huge impact on a guest’s stay. Good hygiene is important to create a high-quality experience for visitors and leave the right lasting impression. 

Miele Professional has found that almost all consumers pay attention to how clean the crockery, cutlery and glassware is when eating in a restaurant.  Just 4% of consumers said they never pay attention to this when eating out. In addition, two-thirds of people (61%) say that the cleanliness of the dining facilities influences their perception of the hotel’s values. The highest standard of glasses and cutlery is therefore key to creating a positive impression on hotel guests. 

When choosing a dishwasher to install, hosts must consider a few important factors. The first is how to ensure spotless glassware. A machine that guarantees an impeccable finish for glassware and cutlery and eradicates the need for manual polishing in hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants should be key. Freshwater dishwaters for example save businesses time and money while producing immaculate results by eliminating time spent on polishing glassware by hand.

Another matter to remember is steam. Dishwashers can often produce high amounts of steam during the washing and drying process. Choosing a machine with a steam condenser significantly reduces the volume of hot, moisture laden air released at the end of the washing and drying process. This feature ensures that glassware and cutlery is effectively dried and cools down fast so that the machine can be unloaded quickly.

In a busy bed and breakfast, speed is also essential. Dishwashers need to have fast cycle times and potentially run several times a day. Making sure you have a reliable and robust machine is key. When considering buying new equipment, it’s important to not only look at the cost of purchasing the machine, but also at the cost of actually running the machine. Lifetime costs should take into account cycle times and water consumption, as well as what damage and breakages may be caused during the wash and the knock on effect this could have on the cost of replacing the broken cutlery and crockery. 

It’s crucial to really think about what’s most important to your customers and your business needs. Is your bed and breakfast a high-end establishment where customers expect perfect, sparkling glasses? Do you have an incredibly busy breakfast bar that needs to serve a huge number of customers in a short amount of time? Thinking about this will help you to decide what kind of warewasher you need.

Miele Professional offers a range of dishwashers to suit all bed and breakfast needs. The Miele Professional BRILLIANT dishwasher is the world’s first to use a freshwater system that is designed specifically for glassware and cutlery. With 13 wash programmes, the machine also has a fast cycle time of 5 minutes. A further feature, ‘Perfect GlassCare’ automatically adapts water hardness making it ideal for whatever glassware the user is washing.

The Miele Professional SPEED model boasts a particularly short cycle time of five minutes. This is partly achieved through the use of a new electronically controlled heater pump. With an output of 8.5 kW, this pump heats the water as it passes on its way to the cabinet. Water is discharged and replaced in each phase of the programme cycle. If your primary concern is energy efficiency, the SPEED Freshwater dishwasher can help you save on energy costs. Reduced cycle times result in considerable energy savings. The ‘short’ and ‘universal’ programmes, for example, require just 0.1 kWh per cycle, cutting previous requirements by half. 

For more information on Miele Professional’s products please call 0844 8936907


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