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Believe it or not, you don’t need to fit a hot tub in your garden or fill your guest rooms with high-tech electricals to ensure your guests have an enjoyable, relaxing and positive stay in your luxury accommodation. Yes, these can be great additions and can even increase your occupancy and income, but they often require a huge investment. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great to update your B&B, and add some more elements of luxury, without breaking the bank? Just simply ensuring optimum cleanliness and comfort in your rooms, with attractive design & décor, can guarantee a pleasant stay and a happy guest. With the arrival of spring and booming summer bookings due in the following months, what better time to update your B&B with a new look, a replenished stock of refreshments and toiletries and to rethink your guest’s sleeping experience?


An easy and affordable way to completely transform your rooms is by adding some soft furnishings to your guest rooms. Cushions, for instance, are a lovely way to add a touch of luxury to your décor, while allowing you to showcase your own sense of style. You could coordinate your cushions on the guest bed with a matching runner to add a pop of colour – tying into the summery season fast approaching – while incorporating textured or patterned cushions into your décor is an effective way to bring a sense of homely feel to your rooms. To match a cosy, farmhouse décor, use check patterned cushions in neutral tones. For a more modern look, use bright cushions with geometric patterns or print.


With spring in full swing, warmer climes are due to follow (or so we hope – it’s impossible to judge with our unpredictable British weather!) and with this warmer weather comes the question: is it time to swap your duvet for something slightly cooler? Togs, if you’re not entirely familiar with duvet terminology, indicate the warmth of your duvet. Togs usually range from around 4.5, which is fairly cool, up to about 13.5, providing optimum warmth. Consider what tog your duvet currently is – will this be suitable come the summer months? Why not invest in your guest’s comfort and provide an all seasons duvet? This option consists of two duvets, one a 4.5 tog and the other a 9 tog, which can easily be attached for extra warmth, or used separately to provide a cooler duvet, giving you three tog options to guarantee your guests have a comfortable sleep. 

Combine your all seasons duvet with some crisp, fresh, luxury bedding and a comfy mattress to give your guests a restful sleep. Don’t forget to tick all the boxes in the bed, bedding and duvet department as this is one of the most important aspects of your guest’s stay.


It’s that time of year again when you should give your complimentary treats a bit of R & R – that is, replenishment and refreshment, of course! With spring comes new beginnings and fresh starts, so naturally it is the perfect time to try something new. Complimentary tea and coffee are always going to be an essential for your room trays – so don’t forget to stock up! However you could also give your guests the choice of a cold drink too. More often than not, children or those that don’t like hot drinks will only have the option of water in their rooms. Squash Stix, available in blackcurrant & apple or orange, can simply be added to 200ml of water for a perfect cold-drink alternative. Spring is also the perfect time to try a new toiletry collection, something fruity and fun, so why not try adding something new to your bathrooms? Our Be Different toiletry range is bright and vibrant, a perfect collection for the young and young at heart.

Each change or update you make is solely a consideration for your guest’s experience and this will allow you to stand out from the competition. Swapping a thick duvet for something cooler to keep your guests from getting too hot in the night, trying out a new look with some soft furnishings and adding some new refreshments and toiletries are just some of the ways you can give your B&B a refreshed  look and feel, just in time for the new season.



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