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Christmas is upon us and seasonal goodwill is high. But life in this industry is tough. Guest turnover is in decline and costs are rising on all counts. Fuel bills are through the roof and regulation is getting tougher, not simpler. In the new year Scotland faces the tourism tax, which if it doesn’t drive visitors away will send them to another jurisdiction, where hospitality venues are not subject to the new Bed Tax. And pubs and inns are closing at record rates.

Not the best Christmas backdrop.

But you can truly do something about it! You are in full control of the business you offer, and the chances are you are almightily proud of what you have achieved, whether you acquired, inherited or built from scratch your high-end holiday accommodation site. It may be harsh to read this, but any experienced insolvency practitioner will always say there is only one reason for a business to fail, and that is bad management. So, if you are in difficulty, do not give up. There are initiatives aplenty that can restore your bottom line, from creativity in your offer to taking what offers and discounts are available to you on your day to day costs. On page XX we outline the kinds of discounts that are available to B&B Association members, on everything from fuel bills to DIY warehouse goods, via the Purchasing Group that was launched earlier this year after the Ukraine invasion.

This issue of Luxury BnB identifies a number of success stories. With overnight accommodation in a Learjet, a UFO and a giant Pacman, Apple Camping in Pembrokeshire has cracked the imagination barrier with year-round capacity bookings (page xx). And on page xx we look at the soaraway surge in bookings for participants on Channel Four’s ever-popular Four in a Bed show.

Don’t get put down by the economic climate. Wherever possible look to the future and remember: you are in this business because you have a fabulous proposition. It is up to you to make it work. This issue will give you an idea quite how to do so.



A very eclectic collection of accommodation options.
Including: Sonar submarine, The UFO, The JetStar, an Airbus, a Train carriage, Geodesic Domes (including The Pac-Man), Yurts, Bell-Tents and The Witch’s Hat. 20.




Where have all the bookings gone?


Do you need a licence to sell alcohol at your B&B


How to create a strong brand strategy.

The appeal of the hot tub

As high-end hospitality venues vie for a regular share of the UK tourism market against a backdrop of rising inflation and high fuel prices, they may consider installing hot tub facilities for their guests.


Glamping vs high-end B&Bs. Luxury BnB Magazine talk to the latest block of contestants

Splashing out on a swimming pool

Why adding a swimming pool can be a smart investment at your B&B!




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