Perfecting Your Guest Bathroom- Shutterly Fabulous 

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Perfecting Your Guest Bathroom- Shutterly Fabulous 

We all want our guests to feel relaxed and comfortable in our homes, to get that home away from home feeling that shows a truly enjoyable getaway. Where many of us put a great deal of effort into getting the guest bedroom just right, we can be guilty of neglecting the guest bathroom to the point that it is simply left un-used and un-personalised. The guest bathroom is, in fact, an equally important space that needs just as much love and attention as other rooms in order for our guests to feel truly relaxed and at home. 

Shutterly Fabulous shutters are the perfect solution for any bathroom needing a quick update, turning it from a standard bathroom into a tranquil and peaceful setting. Louvered style shutters are a great bathroom solution as they provide that much needed privacy your guests require, whilst still allowing the natural daylight to flood the room. Having the right amount of privacy is essential in order for any guest to feel comfortable in your home. The feeling of being completely shut off from the outside world can be easily achieved with the addition of shutters to your guest bathroom. 

Most of us opt for a neutral shade when choosing the primary décor of our guest bathroom, so the addition of bright, vibrant shutters can be the perfect way to transform any space from ordinary to chic, something to be the envy of your guests! Guest rooms can actually be the perfect space to experiment with new colours and styles as they don’t tend to endure everyday general wear and tear. So, rather than making over the entire bathroom, which can be costly and time consuming, opting for fun colourful shutters can be a perfect way to inject some unexpected style and creativity with just one swift installation! 

Whether the guest bathroom is utilised solely as a functional space, or one that is used as a tranquil environment for spending hours soaking in the bath, ensuring that our guests feel at peace when they stay with us is key. Bathroom shutters are the perfect way to allow your guests to feel shut away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world in a haven of tranquillity.

All of Shutterly Fabulous’ shutters can be measured and fitted to any type of window or door type – ideal for even the most awkward of shapes. Prices start at £290 m² for standard and custom colours (both including at home consultation and installation).


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