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June 2022

Positive Climate Action with Lucy Agace

Last month we talked about how to reduce your use of natural resources in order to reduce your carbon emissions inline with the climate agenda targets. Although B&Bs and the like form a smaller part of the impact hospitality has on the wider issues of climate change, they can still take meaningful and positive Climate Action. Collective power has great strength and how you interact with your immediate environment (your outside areas) and local area (nearby parks, woodland, beaches) is an important factor to consider. Imagine a patchwork of outside spaces dotted around the country; one day they will all join up and to create a flourishing, wildlife-friendly environment across the UK. […]

The great house B&B exmoor plastic free champions

Plastic Free Champion with The Great House B&B. A feature in the October 2021 issue

We catch up with Sheila Harvey- Larmar to find out how they make sure their hospitality business is as green as possible. Discover their efforts for sourcing plastic free packaging options and how you can start implementing more eco-friendly practices for your own business. […]


Hotel Mobile Marketing

Each Issue, we will be serialising a section of the Complete Guide to Hotel Marketing, an eBook by our partners, This week, it’s all about Hotel Mobile Marketing. The Oxford Dictionary defines a trend […]