3 Ways to Improve Guest Service at Your Bed and Breakfast

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3 Ways to Improve Guest Service at Your Bed and Breakfast


Let’s face it: your personal service is what makes your bed and breakfast such a unique experience.

In fact, 3 out of 4 travellers say B&Bs offer better amenities than chain hotels.

And while your guests are satisfied with your current services, it’s important that you don’t grow complacent or stay idle. You should always be focused on improving your guests’ experience.

Here are some ideas you can use to improve the level of service you offer at your bed and breakfast.

1. Create a guest loyalty program

HospitalityNet reports that 87% of consumers want some kind of loyalty program because they love saving money, but only 41% of hotel chains reward consumers for engaging with them.

This represents an opportunity for you – step in where the hotel chains have dropped the ball.

Guests expect to be personally remembered, especially after booking a stay at a bed and breakfast. That’s why storing your guests’ data in multiple spreadsheets is not a good long term strategy if you want to foster loyalty.

You need to be able to search your database and access their information instantly, when you need it.


Your hotel booking engine should be cloud-based and have a customer database built into it, giving you immediate access to all the guest information you need. You could be at the golf course on your mobile, or sitting on your couch with your iPad – all you need is internet access to log in!

That way, when a repeat guest gives you a call to make a booking, you can easily search for them on your database and reserve their favourite room.

2. Become a neat freak

If you’re already a neat freak, use this as a reminder to be religious about cleanliness.

A UK survey found that hotel guests worry about the cleanliness of the room they’re staying in:

60% are concerned over bed sheets, pillows, bed covers and blankets,

52% don’t like the thought of items being unhygienic; and,

44% are worried about catching germs.

Not only will cleanliness enhance their stay, but it will also help to bring them back.

55% said that a high level of cleanliness was an influential factor in encouraging return, whereas almost 3 out of 4 guests said that a generally unclean hotel and room would put them off returning.

Unfriendly service was also a factor that was likely to deter them from coming back, so be sure to have your biggest smile on!

3. Get serious about breakfast

Travelers really appreciate the first meal of the day. In fact, Hotels.com found that breakfast is the most sought after hotel amenity.


A satisfying breakfast adds ease and comfort to a guest’s stay, making it a far more pleasant experience overall.


Here are some types of breakfasts you can include in your offering:

English breakfasts have become an expected staple at hotels around the world. Use bread, toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, and grilled tomatoes.

Fresh fruit and organic foods for the health conscious traveler. Use fresh fruit baskets, yoghurts, organic breads, organic fruit pastries and oatmeal.

Ethnic-inspired breakfasts for your Asian guests. Use fried rice, Asian vegetables, Asian chilli sauce, soy sauce, and herbal teas.

Offering a variety of breakfast options is the best way to capitalise on this amenity and cater to all kinds of guests.

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