5 reasons to start deep cleaning your B&B today

5 reasons to start green cleaning your B&B today

Holly Alderson, Out of Eden

At Out of Eden, we’re big advocates of any business that has a passion for producing high quality products while staying true to their sustainable and ethical values. That’s why we love the eco-friendly cleaning brand that is Bio D, but why should you?


Nothing epitomises spring more than a good old spring clean in your B&B before the busy season begins, and with the sensationalised trend of “Hinching” taking over the likes of Instagram, combined with the popular Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, it appears the topic of cleaning our homes has never been so popular!

Cleaning products, however, are one of the biggest contributors to the build-up of plastic waste and infiltrating our water systems with harmful chemicals, so what’s the best solution to a sustainable spring clean? Green cleaning. Bio D are one of the leading brands of eco-friendly cleaning products that still deliver outstanding results suitable for the hospitality industry. Need a reason to switch to green cleaning? Well, we can name a few.



1 ) They can save on plastic AND pennies


Starting off with perhaps the most topical reason of all given that last year’s Collins Dictionary Word of the Year was ‘single-use’, Bio D have been making strides to ensure their and their customers’ plastic footprint is significantly reduced. For one, 74% of Bio D’s entire range is now packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, with the aim of converting every Bio D bottle to 100% recycled and recyclable plastic by the end of 2019. In addition, we also supply 5 and 15 litre bulk refills of Bio D products across their entire range, allowing you to refill your bottles over and over again. They also promote refill stations in which customers can refill their original bottles for a fraction of the price, just like in our Kirkby Stephen-based store, helping to support likeminded, ethical independent businesses nationwide.



2) They tick all the right boxes


As well as paving the way for a single-use plastic free future, Bio D are guaranteed to meet, and often exceed, all of the expectations an eco-conscious consumer might have. Made exclusively in the UK, Bio D have full traceability on all of the ingredients used in their formula, while significantly helping to reduce their, and your, carbon footprint. Due to the natural ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients included in every product, their entire range is vegan, free from animal testing and entirely hypoallergenic with Allergy UK approval, making them a great choice to accommodate every guest including those with sensitive skin or allergies. 


3 ) They’re all natural


The natural formula is free from synthetic fragrances found in most high-street cleaning products, while remaining free from the harsh chemicals found in heavy-duty commercial cleaning products such as chlorine bleaches, EDTA and petroleum-derived additives. These synthetic ingredients can be particularly detrimental both as water pollutants and to plant and animal life, in fact, it was this exposure to the amount of toxic chemicals found in commercial cleaning products that shocked Bio D’s founder Michael Barwell into launching Bio D. Instead, the formula is fragranced with natural essential oils, and all of the natural, ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients are 100% biodegradable. 



4) Plant powerful in your B&B


Though not packed full of the synthetic additives, preservatives and chlorine bleaches that blast through dirt and grime like conventional heavy-duty cleaning products, the plant-powerful formulas of Bio D still pack a punch in delivering great results that can more than deliver in a commercial environment. Green cleaning products are often tainted with the misconception that they will not be powerful enough, not deliver the results desired to meet the high expectations of guests and that they are too expensive to practically use every day. However, we beg to differ!

Many of Bio-D’s products, including the Multi Surface Sanitiser, All Purpose Sanitiser, and the Sanitising Hand Wash, for instance, conform to the BSEN1276 food grade standard, meaning they have been tested against a range of bacteria, including E-coli, Salmonella and MRSA. This means they are entirely suitable for use in a commercial catering environment, making them the only green cleaning company with this accreditation. 



5) Something to shout about


In order to keep past and prospective guests invested and interested in your business, it’s essential to keep them updated on any changes you make throughout your B&B, or anything that will help you to stand out against competitors. Whether it’s on your website, a blog or an Instagram post, whenever you integrate sustainable, ethical or luxury products and amenities into your B&B, be sure to shout about it. Not only are green cleaning products such as Bio D’s exceptionally good for saving on plastic, pennies and the planet, it also offers a great method of marketability in promoting your dedication to using eco-friendly, quality products that will help to naturally (in more ways than one!) reflect your overall business ethos.  



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