CEO of MultiPay Global Solutions comments on the easing of lockdown restrictions

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David Maisey, CEO of MultiPay Global Solutions

Comment from David Maisey, CEO of MultiPay Global Solutions:

“There have been few moments of good news and celebration for our pubs, bars and restaurants in the last 12 months, but this first stage of easing restrictions is a big one. The hospitality sector has been hit harder than most industries with 600,000 jobs, 12,000 business failures and lost sales of £86 billion according to UK hospitality data. However, while the first easing of restriction is good news, there is a long way to go.

How exactly hospitality businesses can operate post-June 21st is still very unclear, but all the signs point to some measures still being in place. We need the government to be clearer on what to expect as soon as possible, as the hospitality sector cannot afford to lose more time.

However, whether post-June 21st measures include vaccine passports, frequent testing, social distancing, or a combination of these, businesses need to prepare in whatever ways they can now to be as flexible as possible when the time comes. A return to pre-pandemic ways of operating will not be happening. With big events like the rescheduled Euro 2020 football competition, Wimbledon and Christmas coming up, there are opportunities that businesses must capitalise on if they are to survive. Focusing on processes and technologies that deliver a great customer experience while keeping staff and patrons safe will be key to making a great come back.”

For some background on MultiPay Global Solutions, it is a payments technology company that enables large merchants across the world to accept any payment, anywhere. It is the single point of contact for all its customer’s payment requirements and ensures it delivers payment technology and integration that is built around the bespoke requirements of each business. 

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