What B&B owners must consider before buying brand new furniture

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Choosing what bedroom furniture to buy for your guesthouse or B&B should be a very important decision. Furniture has the power to change a guest’s whole perception of your accommodation. Visually, it is what dominates each room. Therefore, furniture that is antiquated or marked with cosmetic damage could give the impression that your accommodation is shabby. Meanwhile, because guests will use almost all of the furniture in their room during their stay, if it is not in perfect working condition they may become understandably disgruntled.

Guesthouse and B&B owners must not cut corners when it comes to their furniture. Your need to ensure you are buying furniture that has the perfect mixture of durability and style otherwise it could contribute to a guest’s dissatisfaction with your accommodation. That is why furniture shopping is more than just another chore to complete; it should be a carefully taken decision. Below are some of the crucial factors that need to be considered to guarantee you are making the right selection about your furniture.

Consider what are the most durable materials

One of the most important factors B&B and guesthouse owners should consider is longevity. Wardrobes and drawers will be regularly packed and unpacked while desks and tables will endure more usage than they might do at a normal home. If they are made from fragile materials, the furniture may not withstand this amount of usage. It will need to be replaced, which is costly and inconvenient for owners. Accoya, utile and oak furniture are considered to be the most resilient against general wear and tear. Beech and tulipwood are ranked among the worst.

Try to buy furniture that avoids sunlight damage

Many other factors might affect the appearance of the furniture in your B&B. Sunlight damage, for instance, is something that rarely gets deliberated but can potentially ruin most types of wooden furniture. It can cause the materials to stain leaving unattractive, mismatched colours around the room. Occasionally, it can even crack your furniture if is left to endure constant sunlight. Because the majority of guests want bright, sunlit rooms, there is no other way to prevent this kind of damage other than to buy furniture that is not made from wood. Glass tables are unaffected by sunlight damage, for example, and acrylic chairs are made with a protective coating that reduces harm.

Furniture that is easy to clean looks consistently attractive

While minor cosmetic damage is something we can live with in our own homes, guests expect the very best when they stay at a B&B or guesthouse. Even the smallest blemishes on your chairs or tables can leave a patron dissatisfied. It makes having clean furniture incredibly important. Rather than overworking your staff to keep your bedrooms spotless, it is better to invest in furniture that is easy to clean. For seats, leather is simple for clean-ups and there are a range of solutions available to remove scuffs marks and stains. You might, furthermore, consider vinyl doors for wardrobes as it can be cleaned with merely a few sprays of water and a fresh cloth.

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