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A lot has happened since we released our last issue. For us, life is once again starting to resemble normality, but across the sea, millions are suffering.

It’s amazing to see how the hospitality industry is doing its part to help those affected by Russia’s actions. Airbnb have waived all their fees for Ukrainian hosts so that 100% goes directly to Ukrainians in need. I’ve also seen numerous stories about members of the public booking Airbnbs in Ukraine.

Doing so allows you to send money to help those who have been affected the most. But we can also provide help here, closer to home. My home village in South Derbyshire organised a donation drop off and managed to fill a lorry full of clothes and other essentials.

But how can you, a business owner, help out? We published a poll on our website to ask our readers whether they intended to host Ukrainian refugees. 80% of the respondents said yes, which is amazing! If you are currently hosting refugees, or you plan to in the near future, let us know!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand… It’s been a hard couple of years for everyone and we all need to put our mental and physical wellbeing first. Check out our features with Piglets Boutique B&B and Losehill House Hotel & Spa to find out how you can provide your guests with the ultimate relaxing retreats.

We are also announcing the winners of our 2022 LBNB Awards in this issue! Don’t forget to enter the 2023 awards online!

And for those who love Four in a Bed, find out whether it’s worth it!!

Happy reading!

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