Funny Bed and Breakfast Stories


Funny Bed and Breakfast Stories To Chuckle At


I had just bought a B & B on the east coast and had taken a reservation from an elderly couple they arrived around 4 pm and I checked them into there room, nothing appeared out of the ordinary and they were very pleasant people, however in the morning as I was cooking there breakfast I heard what I thought was a cat, we do not have any pets, as I went into the dining room I was amazed to see a rather large ginger tom drinking milk from a breakfast bowl from the table, the owners had brought there cat on holiday with them,we still laugh and recall this story to our guests (paul from norfolk)


During a very busy bank holiday weekend myself and my husband were chatting to our Guests at breakfast discussing places to visit pastimes etc. when we heard two gun shots from what appeared to be in close proximity to our property, as we are rural we assumed it was a farmer that lived nearby, however one of our guests seemed startled when looking out of the window “ I recognise that man” he said “he’s staying here” to our utter disbelief the man was shooting at pigeons from our back lawn needless to say he was asked to leave with his wife ,who insisted on finishing her breakfast before leaving. Brenda from dorset


My husband was away on a fishing holiday for the weekend and I was left with my son to run the Guest house I went to bed around 10.30pm and fell asleep almost imediately, I was disturbed from my sleep about 1am in the morning with my husband getting into bed however I quickly remembered he was away on a fishing trip, as I turned over to my total amazement a rather portly bearded man stared back at me, I instantly recognised him as a guest and realised I had left the ajoining door to our accomodation open and he had sleep walked, a rather awkward exchange was made that night, however we both laughed about it in the morning, I now always check and lock the door without fail now Deborah from cardiff


It was during a cold November last year that my Husband and I decided to purchase a hot tub for our Guests to use we promoted it on our facebook and online and the very next day we took a call from a party of six friends who wanted to book just one night with us and seemed thrilled that we had the hot tub.

They all arrived and seemed to be a very friendly bunch of people that evening whilst sharing a glass of wine with hubby we heard plenty of laughter from outside and as the noise grew I asked my husband to go out and politely ask that they keep the noise down as we have two young children to his amazement he found the six guests who had booked in earlier completely naked in the hot tub my husband didn’t know where to look as they climbed out one by one to grab there dressing gowns we no longer have the hot tub (jenny from margate)


It was on a Valentines evening a few years back that a young couple stayed with us in our Guest house, the young gentlemen eager to impress his girlfriend booked our sea view room and enquired with myself regarding places to eat locally I recommended I very nice italian restaurant nearby and booked a taxi for them both, they both looked very well dressed when they came down in the evening with the girlfriend in a beautiful velvet green flowing dress, I invited them both to share a glass of wine with us prior to the taxi turning up, we all sat around the open fire and were having small talk when I could smell burning and was shocked when I saw the bottom of the young lady’s dress was smoking one of the embers from the fire had spat onto her beautiful dress, I thought on my feet and threw my full glass of rose onto her dress I felt dreadful but as were were a similar size I offered her a dress from my wardrobe, a valentines night that we will both not forget. (Anna from Brighton)


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