Interior View: Mini Bars

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We asked designer David Worthington to search out a few products that would make an outstanding room – starting with the traditional mini-bar!

Everybody loves an impressive bar and David believes you can turn a normally hidden away mini-bar into a mini-event!

“A bar can make a great focal point in a room,” says David. “and having a stand-out display of drinks makes for a room that will be remembered.”

And a bar with ‘Instagrammable’ features is great way to draw attention to your business, but how can you do this simply?

From smaller, feature bars to statement bars spanning a whole wall, there are many ways of making this relaxing part of enjoying a stay away memorable.

“Rattan, brass, timber or glass, the choice is almost limitless,” said David, “but lighting is crucial. If you can’t light the inside of the bar, then light its surroundings.

“Colour and contrast are important too. For example, deep blue walls will contrast dramatically with a gold or copper drinks trolley and a couple of simple spotlights will make the bottles and glasses sparkle.”

He added: “Consider siting this on a section of hard flooring creating a focal point that is easy to clean too.”

David has highlighted a number of products to help turn your bar into an event.

Play It Again: Piano Bar

David said: “Imagine the reaction when your guests walk in and see this, especially if the room lights are turned down low!”

Trunk Again: Standing Trunk Drinks Cabinet

David said: “Not a new idea, but an cost effective one – £400 for a talking point never forgotten. Match with a couple of low chairs to create an in-room venue.”

Wheel Away the Hours: Stirling Drinks Trolley

David said: “We have an original 1960s drinks trolley, found in a skip when they were most definitely unfashionable! We pushed it around the pubs of Southwold that same evening, the perfect portable drinks table. But be sure to buy one with high enough rails to contain everything safely.”

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