Luxurious bathroom beauty


Luxurious bathroom beauty

When it comes to beauty products in the bathroom, guests paying for high-end accommodation have the highest expectations that mass-market brands simply do not meet.  Bill Lumley discovers Temple Spa offers an end-to-end range of luxury products.


One of the biggest experiential factors that guests can take away from a stay in a luxury B&B is a well-delivered high-end bathroom beauty offering. The holy grail of the luxury end of guest houses and B&Bs is the repeat visit, which apart from anything reassures you that you are doing things right. Celebrities have been known to single out five-star hospitality properties for the sole reason that they provide outstanding quality beauty brands in the bathroom.

For the past 18 years Temple Spa has been creating and supplying premium bathroom and spa beauty treatments for luxury guest houses and hotels in the UK. It provides a wide range of products covering facial and body treatment, holistic, machine facial to full body packages. 

Marketing spokesperson Alex Charman tells Luxury Bed & Breakfast magazine: “We provide products and treatment both for guest bedrooms and for spas. 

“We are really focused on the whole of the guest’s journey, and from the moment they arrive at the luxury B&B, guesthouse or hotel, all the senses are covered by the touchpoints throughout the journey,” she says. 

As soon as guests arrive in reception they will encounter a candle burning with an aroma that envelops them as soon as they enter the premises. They may then be offered a drink or something with which to freshen up on arrival. 

She says: “For example, if you came to our head office Spiritude in the winter you’d be given a heated flannel, which would also have one of our fragrances or Quietude, which is about peace and relaxation.  Spiritude is a zesty fresh mist and is the perfect pick-me up for tired bodies. Both an air and body fragrance, it creates a rejuvenating environment, like a luxury spa or bathroom or at home.

“We also have another product called breath of life, our inhalation essence for you to carry around on your person and take a breath if you need a moment of calm to recover. It’s Portable and easy to use on the go. A breath of aromatic fresh air for when you’re feeling stuffed up and need some energising clarity of mind.

Also in their bathroom guests may find the brand’s four of Temple Spa’s amenity products which include Good Hair Day, In Good Condition, La La Lagoon and Peace Be Still, an aromatherapy and skincare in one – with extracts of coriander, lemon and nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils and vitamin B5. 

Good Hair day is Temple Spa’s shampoo, while In Good Condition is its conditioner, both of which come in a variety of sizes including 30ml 50ml, 200ml and 300ml. These are also quite often taken by guests to be used in changing rooms if the B&B, hotel or guesthouse has any gym or spa facilities, she says. “Then there is body moisturizer, which can also be used on the face afterwards, called Peace Be Still,” she adds.

Some guesthouses and hotels will take on additional products such as the brand’s Aaahhh! Balm, she says. “It’s a cooling balm that you might massage onto your feet up your lower calves or onto any other aching muscle. Particularly if you have been out for the day shopping or playing out on the golf course, or if you have simply been travelling a long distance and have achy calves, then it’s the perfect thing to cool down with. It really eases any muscle tension. Quite a lot of hotels like to take that and some of them serve it on a tray of ice when you have come back out – another way to make that guest feel special, cosseted and cared for,” Charman says.

“Another of Temple Spa’s products is palm balm, a nourishing hand moisturiser and a lovely product for people to carry around with them outside the bathroom during their stay.”

In the bathroom guests may also find the brand’s hand wash and hand lotion, All in Hand and All is Well. 

“These are not just for the bathroom but also connect the guest through the whole journey through the hotel and spa: there is a connection to it rather than feeling a bit disjointed,” she says.

“When guests return to their room in the evening if they have a turndown service some of the luxury guest houses and B&Bs will offer a product with that, and one of the most popular is our product Repose, an aromatherapy resting cream. As part of the turndown service, they will lay a tube of this product on your pillow, so as guests go through their bathroom bedroom ritual as they are getting into bed this is a lovely balmy texture that they pop over face and massage over their neck and chest, and it really helps aid a good night’s sleep. 

“Your skin gets nicely nourished and looks radiant, so you wake up feeling amazing as well when you come to look in the mirror,” she adds.

Temple Spa offers other types of products that some luxury guest houses hotels will take if they are offering packages, depending on the stay that a guest might have. “Whether they are coming for a particular occasion or they are coming as part of a Mothers’ day gift, they may have the package boosted with other gifts as well. We have a variety of gifts in this regard. Do Not Disturb and Spa Retreat are quite popular. Do Not Disturb is a kit that comprises a range of different products that are all about taking that me-time, and it comes with a little pillow that says Do Not Disturb that you hang on your door. 

“You have all the products there to have a relaxing time, whether it is in the bath or just in the bedroom. That is something a guest might either take home or use in the room,” says Charman.

“All the products Temple Spa provides are unisex: we don’t have a separate male/female product range. There are a number of our products that many guys really like from us besides obviously the cleansers and toners. A particularly popular product for post-activity such as golf our moisturiser Life Defence, a life-protecting moisturizer with an SPF (sun protection factor) – an ideal product to recommend if you are talking about golf,” she says.

So, does Temple Spa differentiate its product range from the traditional offer of toiletries and beauty products in the guest bathroom offer? 

Charman says: “There are quite a few factors that differentiate our brand from other luxury brands. There is the formula itself: they are all professional-strength formulas, so if you are having treatment in your room they are all the same product so the impression you get is always repeated along the journey. The smells, the aroma and the texture on the skin and what it delivers for your skin is important. Our products are British made,” she adds.

There is also a soap that Temple Spa offers as well, and many luxury B&Bs, guesthouses and luxury hotels will take the full offer together, the soap being an alternative to offer in addition to the shower gel, for example, she says. 

The pricing of the brand’s range of products is very competitive, she maintains. “The products are obviously priced noticeably more than mass market brands as a high-end luxury brand.” 

She concludes: “We are driven by integrity, innovation, results and excellence. We only work with the best of the best, including ingredients, technology and people. 

“The products come in contemporary packaging, anti-ageing formulas, textures like cashmere, feel-good factor aromas and names to make you smile. They are rich in botanicals traditionally found in the rich fields and waters of the Mediterranean. Sourced from the highest quality crops. The products are free from parabens and petrochemicals and there is no testing on animals. 

“The products are devoted to de-stressing, re-balancing and restoring against everyday stresses, with absorbing, modern, feel-good textures and aromas that are agreeable to all the senses.” 


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