Tips To Make Your Inn Safe And Secure


Security Tips To Make Your Inn Safe And Secure

Keeping track of the security of your Inn, guest house or hotel can present some unique challenges, we look at how to overcome them.

Often as an owner, your role can be part landlord and part resident. A tenant can often be occupying a room that is in the same property you reside. The furniture, kitchen utensils and bedding are the same ones you use daily.
Special consideration needs to be taking when securing your property.

Want To Easily Control Where Your Guests Can Access?

One of the oldest ways many people implement security is to have different keys for different areas of the guest house. There is an access key for the main door and a unique key for the room that they are staying in. A guest cannot access any other parts of the house without the appropriate key.
However, this system is cumbersome. You need to be home to hand over the key, and there is the possibility that the keys can be easily duplicated. Not very secure.
A popular alternative is the use of automatic door locks. Electronic door locks are becoming more and more popular and affordable for small business owners.

Electronic door locks enable you to lock and unlock a door remotely. You no longer need to worry about exchanging keys and it allows you to monitor who is entering and exiting your property from your smartphone.

Each guest gets a custom code that they use to enter and lock the doors with. You can keep track of who enters and exits your home and whether a guest is locking the door when they leave. This can all be done without you physically being there. Once the person has finished their stay, you can easily wipe the passcode so it can’t be used again.
If you do choose to get an electronic door system, make sure it is installed by a professional. This will save you a bunch of headaches, and money in the long run. It will also ensure that the system is effectively and not able to be bypassed.

Want To Be Alerted Of Unusual Behaviour?

Installing tilt motion sensors is a great way to let you know if certain valuables have been moved. If something sets off the sensor, you will be alerted via an app on your mobile phone.
You can install other sensors that alert you when a door has been opened for too long, or opened and reopened multiple times. This can be a good alert to potential parties happening. These sensors can keep you in the loop of any out of the ordinary behaviour throughout the guests stay without violating their privacy.

Thinking Of Installing Video Surveillance? A Word Of Caution.

Installing video security to monitor guest activity can be a grey area. In many places, the use of surveillance equipment is illegal, so be sure to check your local laws.
If you use Airbnb to attract guests, you are required to notify guests about security cameras and surveillance devices. You must have their consent if they choose to stay at your property.
There are many other options to protect your home without having to visually watch guests every move. If you are thinking about installing video surveillance, try the other options first.

Do You Have A Security Safe?

A security safe is a great extra precaution and adds an extra layer of security for your valuables.
A safe can be used to store important documents and valuables such as birth certificates, passports, jewellery and cash.
Make sure your safe is not easily visible from living areas is bolted to the floor to make it hard for unwanted intruders to take off with it.

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