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Starting a Holiday Rental Business: Chapter 4B

Welcome to Chapter 4B of our new ebook series on how to set up your own holiday rental. This chapter will introduce you to setting jobs and responsibilities, staffing and emergency planning. This chapter will explain how to assign jobs and responsibilities to your staff, general information on staffing, as well as how you should plan for emergencies. […]

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Christmas Must Haves

Firtree volcanic chocolates

Firetree cocoa beans are sourced from the world’s most remote, tropical volcanic islands. Firetree chocolate has a range of cocoa strengths, from 69% through to 100%. Firetree Chocolate is available in 25g and 65g bars. […]

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Christmas Must Haves

Alliance Online

Alliance are committed to providing all customers with a superior product offering based upon over 20 years of experience supplying the hospitality and public sectors. Every year we create a new Christmas curated from premium […]

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August 2021

Marry a plumber

My imaginary book – which I’m never going to write by the way – has the subtitle “Want to run a B&B? Marry a plumber!” Disclaimer: I’m not married to a plumber! – single plumbers […]


Hospitality Minister Update

We reached out to David Weston, Chairman of the B and B Association, for an update on the widespread calls for Boris Johnson to create a Hospitality Minister for the UK Government David Weston, Chairman […]


Insurance and business claims update

By Gary Hodgson at Hodgson Insurance Services It’s been a long 12 plus months of lockdown for many hospitability businesses. One of the areas businesses have looked to help assist with losses incurred is through […]