Top 5 Tips To The Perfect Night’s Sleep

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Top 5 Tips to Creating The Perfect Night’s Sleep For Your Guests

Kate Gough, Mitre Linen’s Customer Experience Manager 


Being able to offer your guests a truly unforgettable stay means you need to consider everything from the temperature of the room to the quality of the bedding and soft furnishings you use. Today’s customers have high expectations and providing a wonderful night’s sleep is an essential part of their stay. 

At Mitre Linen, we believe that a good night’s sleep does not happen by chance and with over 70 years’ experience in helping hoteliers providing their guests with the ultimate sleeping experience, we have listed our top tips for you, the Luxury B&B readers.


  • Consider the comfort of your beds and mattresses


Busy hoteliers can easily get carried away with so many responsibilities, meaning it can sometimes be easy to overlook the basics. I suggest getting into the mindset of your customer and every so often lying on your own beds to assess how comfortable they are. This will help you to understand whether a bed or mattress needs replacing. If you still have some use left in your mattresses, it is worth investing in a mattress topper to add that extra layer of luxury and enhance its comfort.


  • Ensure that your rooms are at the ideal temperature


Getting the room temperature right can be tricky as no one likes a stuffy, overheated hotel room. We advise setting the thermostat to 18C, this optimum sleeping temperature will help guests to both fall asleep faster and to sleep well throughout the night. 

You might also want to consider some newly advanced technological products that can offer a twist your guests will appreciate without increasing your costs. For example, at Mitre we have introduced Coolguard, a clever, innovative pillow protector that comprises of temperature control properties to allow hoteliers to keep their pillows protected whilst doubling up to deliver a peaceful cooling sensation to guests all night long.


  • Don’t underestimate the importance of quality bed linen 

Guests also expect and enjoy good quality, high thread count bed linen that can make a significant difference to the comfort of your beds. Try opting for a silky smooth cotton sateen that feels cool and soft against the skin to provide ultimate luxury for your guests.


  • Provide the perfect pillows 


The right pillow can make all the difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep, and guests will appreciate a soft, plump pillow to sink their head into. Renewing your pillows regularly will ensure that your beds are always a delight to sleep in.

To really stand out, I also recommend offering a pillow menu so your guests can pick the perfect pillow based on their individual preferences. More and more hotels are seeking advice on creating a pillow menu to personalise their guests’ experience whilst accommodating to their needs.  

It is also important to consider using pillow protectors to keep your pillows feeling clean and fresh so they are always deliciously plump and inviting.


  • Ensure that your rooms are protected from any source of light when your guests need it most


It is scientifically proven that light in the bedroom has a major impact on sleep quality. Avoid providing items that light up in the bedroom with artificial light, for example a digital clock on the bedside table. 

It is also essential to only use good quality, durable, blackout-lined curtains to prevent any outside light from entering the room and disturbing your guests’ sleep. What’s more, always ensure that your curtains perfectly fit your windows, poorly fitted curtains can again, cause light to creep into the room. 

  • If you are looking at refurbishing your rooms with new curtains, always seek the help of a professional team if in any doubt when measuring the drop and width of your curtains, as well as the type of fabrics you should opt for. The help of a professional team can ensure your project runs smoothly as their experience will help you avoid some mistakes that could be easy-to make otherwise. And this need not cost you a penny; for example at Mitre we operate a free measuring service.Create a calming, relaxing sleep environment 

The cherry on the cake is the ambience of a guest-room as this can have a significant effect on the quality of your guest’s sleep. Try using colours and prints that evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility to help your guests relax and unwind in beautiful, calming surroundings.

For more helpful tips and advice, call our friendly team on 01685 353 456



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