Winter is coming

winter is coming

Winter is Here!


During the winter months, a significant percentage of home insurance claims are the result of damage caused by severe weather – usually through frozen or burst pipes, storms and falling trees. Natasha Sadler, Insurance Executive at Scrutton Bland, suggests some things that you should be doing to protect your bed and breakfast in winter.


Practical action

Firstly, you can minimise the chances of damage from burst water pipes by checking that any pipes near unheated areas of your property are insulated. Pipes under the kitchen sinks and near to windows are also more prone to freezing.  Make sure you walk round outside your property and visually check for vulnerable spots such as loose or missing tiles, which if left unattended will allow the rain to penetrate and cause damp, rot and – in the worst case – flooding. Doing these checks on a regular basis and taking preventative action will reduce the likelihood of damage when the weather deteriorates.


Greater peace of mind

Some of the insurance companies Scrutton Bland works with can recommend leak detection and water shut-off systems which will monitor your water supply when you are away, and turn off your water valve if too much water is being used. 


When you’re away

Going away for a short break? Leave your central heating on at a low level (about 5°C), and if you are going away for more than a few days then open the attic hatch to keep the roof space from falling below freezing point. And please don’t ‘check in’ on your public Facebook or social media page, as that only advertises to burglars that your house is empty! 


Now is also the time to check your locks on sheds and gates, and make sure your fencing is secure. Opportunist thieves often target garden equipment such as ride-on mowers, so make sure your shed is weather and burglar-proof. Good locks undoubtedly deter theft, and most insurers will insist on them in order to provide cover. If you have electric gates then now is the time to service them – don’t wait until they stop working on a day when it’s really cold and raining!


Scrutton Bland’s insurance advisers are experienced in assessing bed and breakfast properties and recommending appropriate insurance cover. 


We provide a discreet and confidential service, and would be pleased to discuss your needs at a time suitable for you. Furthermore we work alongside our tax, accountancy and independent financial advisers who we can call on to help you with other areas of financial advice you may need.


Contact Natasha Sadler on 01206 838443 or



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