Question from Julien VERT: How do you manage your home book?



Hello, I would like to ask you a question.  I am opening a luxury b&b, in the center of France in Auvergne. 
How do you manage your home book?  You make handwritten booklets or you do otherwise.  Do you have any tips and recommendations to help me?

Julien VERT
The view of Montpeyroux


I’m not sure what you mean by “home book”.  If you’re referring to an information file you create for your guests and put in every room, then this needs to be full of your local recommendations as well as instructions on how things work in the room in which they’re staying.

I know that TouchStay do a digital version, but in my experience, it’s not necessary and incurs an extra charge.  Digital versions are good for hosts who aren’t present during the guests’ stay, but not really for B&B owners, who are usually very much involved with the guests’ stay.

From Yvonne Hailling,


At my Holiday Let in Camber, Owlers Retreat, we have created a folder containing all the local information we can gather:

  • Bus timetables
  • Local amusement leaflets
  • Take away and restaurant menus
  • OS Map of the area – it’s a big dog walking location.
  • Maps of walks

We also have a notepad where guests can own up to any breakages and we have lots of information on our website.

I have considered creating an app (I know people who have) but most of our information is on the website. Also, people come to our place to relax and visit the beach – they don’t want to rush around seeing lots of things generally.

And I have heard of services like this one –


We’d like to feature this in the magazine one issue so please send me your comments. We’d be particularly interested in companies supplying suitable products.


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