Real Stone & Tile Interview – Tiles In B&Bs

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Real Stone & Tile Interview – Tiles In B&Bs

Leigh Price, managing director of Real Stone & Tile, offers advice and insight on the use of tiles within Bed & Breakfasts


When it comes to floors in Bed & Breakfasts, it is important that they’re not only welcoming but also hardwearing. It is quite off putting for guests to see worn flooring with visible stains and marks, so it is important to choose the appropriate material.


Whilst carpets offer warmth, they can collect dirt and if something is spilt on there, it can be hard to remove – especially the likes of red wine and food! Natural wood flooring also looks great but can be difficult and expensive to maintain. 


Our preference would be tiles. They come in a range of sizes, colours and textures that can suit any style of B&B, no matter whether it is traditional or contemporary. 


The most crucial area to install tiles is in the hallway – a well used space which is prone to heavy traffic with guests coming and going. Muddy feet and heavy bags would cause havoc on carpet and so opting for a suitable tile would be advisable.


For period properties, there are plenty of tiles that can look very in keeping and appear to have been an original feature. I’d recommend the Ca’Pietra range which offers a variety of natural stone flooring, in various patterns, shades and shapes. 

Or for modern establishments, how about something striking like the Jet Set New York tile!? Now that would make a statement.

For those who prefer something neutral, why not opt for wood-effect tiles. There are some fantastic options available that look like the real McCoy. Flaviker’s range is beautiful and it is often hard to tell the difference. These tiles would also suit dining areas as they work well against any decor.


The next area to consider is bathrooms. Guests love nothing more than a relaxing space to unwind so it is important not to overlook this room. 


One thing to consider when specifying products for this environment is practicality – as the room can become very humid it is important that the flooring can withstand a significant amount of water, particularly when splashes and spillages are concerned. 


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are often affordable options that have huge scope in the range of finishes that are available, making them a popular choice for the bathroom. When it comes to colour and texture, ceramic and porcelain deliver on both fronts, but the endless variety can often make the decision difficult. There also options that mimic the look of more expensive materials such as wood, stone and marble. 


Tiles aren’t just limited to floors either – fitting them to the walls will help reduce the maintenance on paintwork. No more touch ups needed! 


For small en-suite shower rooms I’d recommend going for neutral, light shades as this will make the space appear bigger and brighter. For larger bathrooms, why not try incorporating a darker shade on the floor or splashes of colour around the shower and sink areas. 


The rising trend of freestanding baths within bedrooms is also increasing and we’d most certainly recommend thinking carefully about the flooring in these suites.  Whether you opt for an elevated platform or floor level, you will need to consider a tiled area to ensure splashes are kept to a minimum.

There are many different options when it comes to tiles for Bed & Breakfasts and no matter where they are fitted, they will provide you with a hardwearing floor suitable for any busy establishment.


For more information on Real Stone & Tile, visit: or call 0161 485 1373. 


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