Soap’s Saving Lives at The Ritz


Last month 50 delegates including managing directors, general managers and executive head housekeepers from leading London hotels attended an event called ‘Soap Saving Lives’ at the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, London to raise awareness about CleanConscience’s bold initiative for tackling toiletry waste in the industry.

Mr Ciaràn Fahy, managing director of the Ritz Hotel and patron of CleanConscience, hosted the event to explain how exactly the charity collects and recycles soap and toiletries from hotels across London.

The soap bars are reprocessed, giving women abroad the opportunity to earn an income, and the liquids are decanted and sent to a number of beneficiaries, including refugee camps and women’s shelters. Any plastic packaging is then incinerated to create energy.

The scheme was previously localised to London-based hotels, but earlier this year hospitality products supplier Out of Eden partnered with CleanConscience to give hotels, B&Bs and self-catering properties nationwide the opportunity to play their part in reducing toiletry waste by joining their scheme.


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